Directory Submission Form I

This form should be used for submitting listings of nonprofit organizations to the GardenWeb Directory. Organizations must be related to gardening, horticulture and/or botany. There are also separate directories for Europe and Australia.

Businesses are able to purchase listings in the Garden Bazaar directory.

You must follow the instructions exactly in order to have your organization added to the directory.

If there is a chance someone else has already listed your organization, please do a search before submitting your listing.

First you need to determine what type of the organization you are submitting. You must pick the single type that best describes your organization.

Type of Organization:

Gardens/Collections Botanical gardens, arboreta, herbaria, public gardens, plant collections, research centers.
Gardening Organizations Societies, associations, clubs, foundations and other nonprofit organizations related to gardening, horticulture and/or botany, etc.
(This is for nonprofit organizations only.)

Next you need to determine how users will be able to search for your organization.

If you want users searching for a particular city/town to find your organization, you must choose Local.

Organization Presence:

Local Presence Check this if you would like people searching a particular city, state, or province to be able to find you. This would include both gardens open to the public and organizations that cover a particular community, including garden clubs and chapters of larger organizations.
Regional/State Check this if you would like to be linked to particular states or provinces. This would include organizations that cover a particular region, state or province, including chapters of larger organizations, but with no local presence.
National/International Organizations that have an international or national scope and are not associated with any particular city, state, province or region.

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