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The Hardy Plant Society - New England

Wethersfield, CT

This organization meets to provide information and inspiration of growing plants in our climate. While our focus is hardy plants, gardener are impossible to restrict to one catagory. We meet at Comstock, Ferre.

Washington State Federation Of Garden Clubs

Issaquah, WA

The W. S. F. G. C. consists of 15 districts, 200 clubs, and 4524 members in Washington State and is part of National Garden Clubs, the largest gardening organization in the country. Our clubs are involved in gardening and garden design, floral design, and conservation.

Beaverton Horticultural Society

Beaverton, ON, Canada

Started in 1922, our Society is still going strong. Our monthly meetings consist of interesting topics, informative speakers and plant and design shows. We also organise special events and bus tours. Our website has more details.

Kewaunee County Garden Club

Luxemburg, WI

To increase the knowledge of horticulture and improve gardening skills. To promote the practice of horticulture within Kewaunee County, Wisconsin.

Dos Valles Garden Club

Valley Center, CA

Dos Valles Garden Club has about 150 men and women members who are friendly, enthusiastic and dedicated gardeners. The club focuses primarily on gardening and floral design. Member National & California Garden Clubs.

Garden Club of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, ID

Garden Club with several individual circles. Grow and Share program, Horticulture seminars, monthly meetings, Junior Gardener. Japanese garden, Wildflower garden, Butterfly garden... great place to learn about Florida Gardening, Flower Arranging lessons.

Solar Energy Training for Jamaica

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Come to nearby Florida to receive training in solar Pv installation. Us Solar Institute can prepare you for Jamaican solar energy installation jobs.

San Joaquin Herb Society

Kingsburg, CA

We are dedicated to the study, growing, crafts, cooking and education concerning the herbs and medicinal plants. We are celebrating our 15th year and meet once a month from September to June. In additional we plan field trips and sponser an annual herb garden tour in May.

Georgia Southern Botanical Garden

Statesboro, GA

Georgia Southern Botanical Garden promotes knowledge and appreciation of the native plants and animals of the southeastern coastal plain.

Lush Turf Solutions

Lush Turf Solutions is one of the leading companies in Australia offering artificial grass products and installation services. We manufacture various types of turf like Lush Lawn, Lush Meadow, Softfall Pad, and more.

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