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Greater Kansas City Gardeners of America

Kansas City, MO

Our mission is to promote gardening education and related environment issues to the membership and the gardening public. We have an annual plant sale each spring which funds our horticultural scholarships and community garden grants.

The Barnes Arboretum: Contemporary Botanical Illustration

Merion, PA

Thursdays Oct 2-Nov 20 (8 classes) 1-4 p Develop techniques in line drawing and watercolor to create highly detailed and accurate botanical paintings. All levels. $360; members $324

Good Guys Gardening

11 years experience in selling gardening products with professional team. We sell all kinds of hydroponic products including nutrients, environment controller, grow lights, water purification systems, garden pumps, pest control products and so on


Merion, PA

Focus is on the major coniferous genera, highlighting identification, growth patterns, and landscape use. Conifers for the larger landscape as well as dwarf/slow-growing cultivars for smaller gardens in every genus are plentifully illustrated.

The Barnes Arboretum: Designing with Plant Ensembles

Merion, PA

This workshop introduces the discipline of designing with plants, including selecting plant combinations and presenting them in an aesthetically successful manner. The course also covers how to incorporate must-have plant purchases.

Moss is Boss!

Merion, PA

This two-part lecture covers mosses and their role in the ecosystem, anatomy and reproductive cycle, growing conditions, garden uses, and design ideas for a variety of mosses.

Granite Direct Inc.

Granite Direct are Granite slab wholesaler and fabricators operating in Denver, Colorado. As Granite Direct import granite slab directly from overseas granite factories, the best advantage they offer to home owner, builders, remodelers and other is low, wholesale price.

The Barnes Arboretum: Moss is Boss Make-and-Take

Merion, PA

A complement to the Moss is Boss lecture, this workshop includes demonstrations on propagating and cultivating moss, along with a hands-on moss project to take home.


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