Native Orchid Conference, Inc.

Organized to: a. Promote the study, conservation, and enjoyment of the native orchids of the Us and Canada; b. To disseminate information on native orchids and their conservation through meetings, lectures, publications and otherwise; c. To operate on a non-profit basis.

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Types of Programs:
Charitable, Conservation, Educational, Membership, Native Plants

Annual conferences typically include 2 days of presentations and 2 days of field trips to see local area native orchids. Past locations have included NC, Ontario, and SC. The 2005 conference will be in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

US Individual ($25.00)
US Family ($30.00)
International (non-US = $35.00)

The Native Orchid Conference Journal (ISSN 1554-1169) is published quarterly for members of the organization.

Annual conferences are held in different areas of the US and Canada.

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Native Orchid Conference, Inc.
6201 Summit Ave
Brown Summit, NC 27214 9744


Phone: (336) 656-7991
Fax: (336) 656-7991

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