Northeast Organic Farming Association of Ct

The Northeast Organic Farming Association is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening the practices of ecologically sound farming and gardening, and to the development of local sustainable sources of safe and healthy food.

  • Volunteers Needed

Types of Programs:
Conservation, Educational, Membership, Professional

Organic Land Care Professional Certification
Organic Farm Certification Program

Individual or Family $35
Business or Institution $50
Student $20
Supporting $100

Gleanings, quarterly for CT news, events, and information
The Natural Farmer, quarterly for New England news, events, and information
Annual Directory of CT Certified Organic Farms

CT End-of-Winter Conference, 1st Saturday of March
Regional Summer Conference, 2nd weekend of August
CT Annual Meeting, 1st Saturday of November

Information Request

     Contact Information:

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 386
Northford CT 06472


Phone: 203/484-2445

Web Page URL:

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