New York Nut Growers Association

The New York Nut Growers Association brings together people with an interest in planting and caring for nut-bearing trees that grow in New York State: chestnut, hazelnut, walnut, butternut, heartnut, northern pecan, and hickory.

  • Volunteers Needed

Types of Programs:

We study how to grow nuts successfully: orchard preparation and management, grafting, cultivar selection, fertilization, pest control, nursery practices, nut recipes, storage, et al.

Membership is $20 per year, $300 for life membership.

The Empire Nut Grower

We meet three times a year at different locations throughout New York State.

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     Contact Information:

Mailing Address:
Jerry Henkin, NYNGA
501 Riverdale Avenue (4J)
Yonkers, NY 10705


Phone: (914) 423 - 7458

Web Page URL:

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