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Mumbai, International

My Medical Feedback is a platform for sharing genuine feedback on your experience with Medical Service Providers.

Rogrer Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History

The mission of the Roger Tory Peterson Institute is to create passion for the knowledge of the natural world, with children in particular, by inspiring and guiding the study of nature in our schools and communities.

Gardeners in Community Development

Dallas, TX

We are a nonprofit community gardening organization. Participants garden for their own use, and as a neighborhood building strategy. Our projects are with Cambodian and Lao refugees, churches wih donation gardens, neighborhood groups, and at schools.

Northern Michigan Master Gardener Association

Petoskey, MI

Master Gardeners who want to futher their education in horticulture by attending monthly meetings. This give the M. G. an oppoturnity to meet with other gardeners to discuss local issues and to get volunteers opportunities.

Station Club Enterprise

It is a state facility for the adult mentally and physicaly challenged. It has a comprehensive horticulture program not funded by the state so funds are raised each May with a plant sale -We solicit donations of plants or seedlings for this sale.

Gardens and

I run an informational web site about gardening and nature related topics. I dont sell anything on the site, but do have Google AdSense ads on the site to fund the expenses of the site.

Flower Promotion Organization

Non profit grower based association dedicated to increasing home and office usage of fresh cut flowers.

Warsaw Bonsai Club

Warsaw, IN

Our mission: to promote the knowledge, appreciation and practice of the art of bonsai. Our means: meetings, newsletter, workshops, displays. Our membership: teens to seniors, novice to experienced. Visitors always welcome.

The Thomson Rose Society

Thomson, GA

The Thomson Rose Society is an affiliate of the American Rose Society. Our mission is dedicated to the education of the membership and the public in all aspecs of rose horticulture and rose show exhibition.

Jefferson County Garden Club

Watertown, NY

We hold monthly meetings. During the months of July & Aug. we hold 'Charity Garden Tours' for local charities. The months of May, June, Sept. & Oct. we hold free plant swaps. There is a monthly newsletter.

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