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Ornamental Grass Society of Minnesota

St. Louis Park, MN

The Ornamental Grass Society of Minnesota is dedicated to learning about ornamental grasses, promoting their use, wheedling discounts on plants, and eating desserts. Members outside of Minnesota are welcome.

Rotary Gardens

Janesville, WI

Rotary Gardens is a 15-acre botanic garden with a variety of international and themed garden areas. Open to the public 365 days a year as a showcase of horticulture and ecology, the Gardens offer special events and educational programs for all ages, throughout the year.

Society for Siberian Irises

The Society for Siberian Irises is a section of the American Iris Society. Membership is open to all Ais members in the Usa and Canada and all iris fanciers elsewhere. Single annual membership is $5.00 and there are two publications annually.

International Clematis Society

The aims of the Society are to improve and extend the cultivation of clematis, to disseminate knowledge of clematis and clematis culture..

Trees Virginia (Virginia Urban Forest Council)

Mission: To Enhance the Quality of Life through Stewardship of Our Commonwealths Urban and Community Trees.

Massachusetts Horticultural Society

The Massachusetts Horticultural Society is dedicated to encouraging the science and practice of horticulture and developing the public's enjoyment, appreciation, and understanding of plants and the environment. Mhs also produces the New England Spring Flower Show.

Barcode generator

City, WA

Barcode font application generates different types of barcode list using 2D and linear barcode font standard in short span of time.

BioActive Peat

Bridgetown, Australia

BioActive Peat is a company engaged in manufactures and export high quality coco peat growing medium. We are private company who operates as a major coco peat or coco pith or coir dust manufacturer and one of the largest exporter in Australia.

Mississippi Old Garden Rose Society

Jackson, MS

Enthusiastic rose lovers with a desire to learn more about old garden roses. Good food, fun, fellowship, plant swap. Meet 3rd Sunday afternoon of each month except June, July & December. New members welcome.

The Humes Japanese Stroll Garden

Mill Neck, NY

A 4 acre gem of landscape design. The garden symbolizes a hillside landscape beside the sea, represented by a pond. Of special interest - gravel paths and stepping stones, tea house, stone lanterns, mosses, waterfall, Asian plants & bamboo.

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